Premier Collection Agency (PCA) is a leading collection agency that guarantees complete recovery of payables due to your company. We know the collection business thoroughly with years of experience backing our exemplary performance.

We know that more than just collecting, our clients value preserving their good relationship with their customers. It is for this reason that PCA approaches each account uniquely, ensuring that each account is dealt with equal amount of respect and professionalism.

There’s a thin fine line between mere follow-up and annoying phone calls. We are here to prevent you from crossing that line. We make sure that as we collect from your clients, we also maintain the quality of relationship you have with them.

We do not require payment unless we are able to collect the amount owed to you by your debtors. We stand by our “no collection, no payment” policy. This guarantees our clients that we are here to seal the deal. We aim for success in every account that we work on. Using primarily our team’s exemplary communication skills coupled with our range of sophisticated tools, we are able to recover completely the amount due to you.

This is what differentiates us from other collection agencies. We give you the results first before accepting any payment. Our sole aim is to collect all the receivables you require of us. Delinquent accounts are no exception. We are able to collect from these long overdue accounts and we do so without causing any rift between you and your customers.

PCA recognizes that collection is a difficult task for any individual or company. A lot of things are at stake in the midst of negotiating with your debtor. Being one of the leaders in third-party collection, we guarantee that our many years of liaising experience will result in full recovery of payables owed to you while preserving your good standing before your customers.


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